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Who we are 
With more than 20 years in the fruit industry, BFruits simplifies the distribution of the best quality fruit around the world, connecting the best growers with all the consumers through multichannel retailers. We are growers and exporters. We’re pioneers in an industry that is always evolving and growing. As we move food forward, we continually expand our selection and capabilities to reflect our customers' needs and help solve their challenges. This is how Bfruits was born - we take every opportunity to deliver more people better food.
What we do At BFruits we care about providing products and services in a reliable, responsible manner and in full harmony with the environment. Through Bee, our fruit brand, we work with asustainable philosophy, promoting integrity and transparency in all processes, from the grower to the consumer's table, commercializing fresh, healthy and quality food.
Why Bfruits 
In the fruit business, nothing can go wrong. Every single detail is not only important, it is essential, because every link of the chain depends on one another.
There is no room for error in the fruit quality, harvests, packaging, on time transport and the final delivery. That's why BFruits is there throughout the whole chain, producing, importing and distributing, keeping an eye on what's important.
From our headquarters in Miami, we coordinate and execute the entire process, in order to deliver the best fresh fruits to our consumers table.
Follow the bee.
Contemplate its flight and you'll discover the magic of the nature. Meet their refuge and you will understand that shared effort makes the difference, life is worthwhile and this world give us wonderful things.
Follow the bee, and you'll learn that there's a time to slow down, smell, feel and taste the sweet nectar of life. That it is there for us to take it, just as dreams are there to search for, no matter how great they may seem. 
Follow the bee, and you' ll witness that in the world everything has a meaning, that we are all connected by the energy of nature, and that we are part of something bigger that makes everything happen. So make it happen. 
Follow the bee to be natural, be respectful with the planet and with those around us.
To be you, follow the B.



Damian Segal

Dalila Zamudio

Nazareth Lazcano

Vanesa Prandzinska
VP Marketing

Sicilian, Tahiti


Arra 15, Crimson seedless, Isis, Red Globe, Sultanas, Thompson Seedless, Victory

Abate fetel, beurre bosch, beurre d’anjou, red barlett, red d’anjou, williams/barletts, packham’s triumph


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Offices: United States, Argentina, Peru, Rusia, Spain and Morocco