We strive for excellence through continuous improvement in all activities and processes.

Our culture

We care about people´s wellbeing, especially the one of our customers and employees. We are a people-focused-company and we stand for hight-quality, fresh, delicious and sustainable berries for everyone. We are committed to wellness and sustainability, two pillars that guide us upon every step we take. Our efforts tend towards reaching communities with our products in meaningful ways. We also aim at transforming the industry supply chain –from grower to customer- with innovative production practices and sustainable packaging options.

How we came to life

In 2018, our founder Damian Segal with long experience in the fresh fruit industry, brought a small group of passionate people together to realize his dream. Damian devoted himself to carefully train his team to ensure quality and excellence.
By 2019, BFruits started to grow and still has a long way to go. We are fully committed to continuing in this amazing journey to fulfill our mission:

High-quality, fresh, delicious and sustainable berries for everyone.

Thank you for trusting us!

Damian Segal

CEO & Founder

Before moving to America, Damian thought it was possible to enhance people´s lives by giving them better options. Trusting his good star, he decided to build the bridges to make nutritious fresh fruits accessible in all of the United States, especially small and far away communities. In the last couple of years, the company has grown and has become a mighty piece for better products in thousands of small retail stores and markets.

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We continue to rely on responsible and ethical manufacturing practices in all our farms and partners. At BFruits we believe in providing products grown in a safe and sustainable way. We are committed to work with sustainable practices within all the value chain, from the fields to our packing facilities.

Food safety

We strive to deliver excellence and best quality to our clients. All berries are strictly inspected before shipment and upon arrival to guarantee quality standards. We carefully monitor deliveries and compliance with food safety protocols during the whole process.