Our services

Packaging options

We have a range of packaging options that vary from the traditional clamshells to cardboard trays.
Our packaging ensures optimal preservation, quality and freshness of all berries.

Packaging options

Private label, repacking and responsible packaging

We can provide private label options and tailor-made repacking solutions. These in-house services have allowed us to custom packing orders and stay ahead of market changing demands. Our sustainable packaging line can ensure freshness and optimal preservation conditions and, at the same time, aim at reducing plastic pollution and single-use plastic containers.

Logistics & distribution centers

We can distribute all across the United States. We supply national and local supermarkets, wholesalers and foodservice distributors in the US and Canada. We have three warehouses on the East Coast with modern storage refrigerated systems and the latest technologies. We are committed to efficient operational logistics and transportation.


590 Almond Rd,
Pittsgrove, NJ
08318, USA


1247 NW 21st St,
Miami, FL
33142, USA


6755 NW 36 St Bld 1 Suite 150,
Miami, FL
33166, USA


Three distribution centers with modern storage refrigerated systems and the latest technologies.

In-house cold chamber and fumigation chambers, unique in the market and USDA approved.

Direct connectivity and location a few minutes away from the ports of Miami, New Jersey and Mc Allen.

Refrigerated loading docks steps away from refrigerated fumigation chambers and working rooms, assuring the maintenance of the cold-chain.

Distribution capabilities outside Florida with points of sale at regional and national supermarkets in the US and Canada.